Grant and application writing FAQ

Hi there! Welcome to the page I created to talk about my activity as a grant writer. Throughout my career in the cultural sector, I have been fascinated by the contrast between the unpredictable and ever-evolving nature of creative work and the rigid and result-oriented management and funding models behind it. Eventually, I channelled this fascination into working with funding applications, helping my clients to navigate between the creative and the pragmatic. I find a lot of joy in facing chaos and turning it into structured content. I love what I do, and I also find it very enriching, as it gives me the opportunity to get an insider point of view into a wide variety of creative practices. I hope this page is informative! Greetings from the home office, Karina zavidova@gmail.com

Below is a small breakdown of phases of a funding application, plus some of my methods and the types of work I offer

Phases of a funding application (or an artist/designer residency, fellowship etc – this is a very generic breakdown)

Here I wrote down three scenarios, all based on the actual cases. Please note that these are not fixed routes, but rather a set of ingredients we can mix to get what we want.

More or less every application consists of the proposal itself and additional files, such as project plans, communication and outreach plans, budgets, partnership agreements etc. I can either help you to develop the content of the proposal or I can also create a structure for the supporting files. There are two additional things I can do: